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Peasant Revolt War Zone

So this concept based on the dragon invasion seemed to work well. Brother Juniper on G+ recommended this post and the visual impression in my mind said yes. Lots of good comments of late which always gets me working on this blog more. The next book I do will be the murder hobo manual but a while off. Shadelport book I will be printing a3 to edit and hope to have revised bigger version possibly on lulu/rpg net by xmas as a test project. Id like a hardcover anyway. Psychon revision might follow up.

Wondering about adding rumours table to these war zone features. Any other suggestions welcome.

This post will focus on revolts, revolutions and civil wars. Inspired by some of english peasant revolts, english civil war, french and russian revolutions and colonial uprisings. It could also be used to run the human revolt against the vassals of the monster kings if players ever time travel back as Iv had built in the setting since the 80s.

It also focuses more on urban than some of the others. I might consider a siege based bunch of tables for when parties trapped in a city or castle during a war. Mixing this with siege war zone would work well. Big fun.

This is not one of those fantasy revolts where the good guys establish utopia after a montage of heroic struggle with muppets fighting profesional troops with sticks and nets and nobody gets hurt. This is horrible, dangerous and cruel. If players get in the mix and support a faction they might get caught up in purges and counter revolts. Revolts are often sponsored by foreign powers or dynasties and not really about helping the poor.

Factions often struggle with each other, some uniting some crumbling, some destroy each other or factions might form a united government that use elections or treachery to seize absolute power. A 2d4 starting factions might begin and weekly rolls on faction table will remove or add factions to the struggle. Factions might represent different ethnic groups, religions, economic zones or settlements. Some factions might want just a kinder ruler, others might want no more nobility or rich or a democratic parliament. Allying with or leading a faction is dangerous but could result in absolute power.

Forces description are good for other warzones as defending armies vs enemy types.

Possibly elements of this could be used in a dungeon. A dungeon might have brutal inter-faction conflict and could produce similar results. Often during wars regions might break out in rebellion or behind lines might increasingly resemble revolt areas.

d10 Starting the Revolt
01 A new tax oppresses the people
02 A costly war hurts the common folk most
03 A popular hero is executed for crimes against the crown
04 A rival dynasty exorts the mob with promises of improvements
05 Famine has driven the commoners mad with hunger
06 A traditional right has been taken by the ruling class
07 Rebels are funded by foriegn power using agents to stir the mob
08 Middleclass idealists fermenting revolt
09 Older mode of religion is being oppressed by the nobility endorsing new faith
10 A massacre of innocent peasants incited unrest

d10 Rebellion Military Objectives
01 Burn down government and church records of tax, births, deaths, marraiges
02 Behead the unjust tyrant and supporters
03 Kill bureaucrats such as tax collectors, court officials and goveners
04 Make the tyrant and nobles promise to improve conditions and rights
05 Seize food and money from the rich and merchant classes
06 Burn down buildings that are instruments of the oppressive regime
07 Set free all the state prisoners and slaves
08 Kill militia and military leaders who don't side with revolution
09 Exterminate the monied classes who oppress the poor
10 Establish new government for benefit of the commoners

d10 Ending the Revolt
01 Invaders enter country uniting everyone as foreigners worse than local tyrants
02 Most of the buildings and infrastructure are destroyed leaving nation in ruins
03 Most of the ruling class and state clergy dead or flee
04 Surviving nobility sign treaty ending conflict with promises (will 50% break promptly)
05 A faction of ruling class or foriegners support commoner take over
06 Ruler is beheaded publicly and new government formed
07 A distant heir arrives or common hero emerges and promises to return to good old days
08 Plague devastated all factions leaving country anarchic ruined wasteland
09 After destroying old order various factions struggle to control whats left
10 A faction of religious inspired zealots inspire the mob and seize control

d10 Faction Goals
1 Support a different bloodline of traditional monarchs who promise to be kinder
2 Support a religious faction who promise to rule on theocratic principles
3 Formed from criminal classes who claim they were always for the people and against rich
4 Wish to enshrine legal rights and guarantees for the common man
5 Seek to end slavery and serfs forever at any price establishing a new order of free men
6 Aim to kill all enemies at any cost then worry about governing
7 Create a new order with no masters and a bureaucratic order enforcing equality
8 Military order where whole economy serve armed forces and spread revolution abroad
9 Claim to support common freedom but really run by hostile agents or a cult or mobsters
10 Preach freedom but seek a middle class mercantile society based on money

d10 Faction Events
1 Two factions settle their differences and unite
2 Faction invites other to talks and betray them with bloody slaughter
3 Faction has a bloody coup and a new leader takes control
4 Faction leadership are slaughtered by the remaining old order forces
5 Faction splits into two over some petty difference and become bitter enemies
6 New faction emerges surprising everybody becoming a new force to deal with
7 Faction crumbles from incompetence, scandal and internal struggle 
8 Faction are slaughtered by the old order forces
9 Faction betray everyone and take direction and money from a foreign power
10 Faction makes deal with the old order and join them

d10 Faction Support Base
1 A rural district with hastily improvised fortified village or town
2 A religious stronghold with a fortified church, monastery or holy place
3 A city state or town with tradition of independance
4 Suburb or district of a city barricaded
5 Castle taken early or donated by rebel noble
6 Encampment in forest or mountains difficult to find
7 A easily defended dungeon complex 
8 A ruin refurbished as defencive base
9 A manor house taken early in struggle or donated
10 A cavern complex with many secret and secured entries

Rebel Forces
Rebels are mostly untrained mobs. They may in course of war improve and adapt. They often incorporate existing rebels or bandits who in fact were outcasts and mostly robbed the rich. Sometimes soldiers will join the mob and will help train them. Most rebels are irregular and undisciplined but rely on numbers. Equipment of rebels often inferior, old and inconsistent. As war goes on and competent leaders receive foreign aid and spend booty they may form new more modern armies able to try new weapons giving them a edge. Common forces often shun flashy displays of wealth while the old order might make more flamboyant displays of wealth and waste. Mobs might fail morale checks and make foolish decisions rather than flee. They might charge, fall into a trap, kill prisoners, stop to loot or worse. Such armies struggle with supply lines and often stop to loot and gorge on food.

Most of these are grouped in
lots of 20 in a gang with a sub boss
lots of 40 band with boss
lots of 100 mob with a hero and two bosses and five sub bosses
host of 1000 horde with a great leader is rare but possible

Peasant Mob armed with common farm tools, irregular and passionate but poorly disciplined
City Mob armed with common weapons and tools, chaotic and bloodthirsty
Peasant Militia with some regular training with spears and polearms in formation
Peasant Slingers with slings, irregular with low morale
Peasant Archers with shortbows, march as regulars but low morale
Yeomen Soldiers elite freemen regulars with longbows and two handed swords, high morale
Bandit Gang veteran skirmishers suited to raiding and subterfuge
Foreign Mercenaries with quality equipment operate as state forces
New Model Army, regulars with heavy armour, pikes, halberds, crossbows and gunpowder
Magicians more likely to include druids and priests who attach themselves to groups

State Forces
These are traditional armed forces of the state. Will used peasant troops by force similar to rebels and treated as expendable. Such troops may change sides if mistreated. Professional troops are disciplined and willing to kill everyone in war. Experienced officers and supply trains give them a advantage but often self assured incompetent or mad nobles might interfere damaging morale and making foolish decisions based on pride. Various specialty support staff include baggage handlers for mule trains, translators, wizards.

Typically these are organised in:
squads of ten including a corporal - 10 men
two squads with a sergeant - 21 men
Platoon with four squats and a lieutenant - 85 men
Company with four platoons and a captain - 341 men
Army four companies and a general - 1200+
Multimple armies are led by a field marshal

Militia Squads with beadle instead of a corporal, bailiff instead of sergeant and sheriff in charge
Light Infantry mostly skirmishers in leather with spear and shield with some javelins
Barbarian War Band often irregular, shield, axe, javelin often paid to fight
Heavy Infantry with chain, shield and halberds
Foot Knights in plate with shields, spears and swords - uncommon elite trrops
Crossbowmen with chainmail and crossbows
Musketeers usually only a few squads with a arquebus per two men or a musket each
Grenadiers usually only a squad at most or more in siege use cast iron greanaides and bombs
Artillery with ballista, catapults and occasionally cannons mostly for siege work squad per machine
Light Cavalry with leather, javelins, lance
Heavy Cavalry with chain, sword and lance
Household knight elite cavalry with full plate, shields and lance
Priest units in chain, shield and mace act as medics and elite troops often in holy military orders
Wizard or Sorcerers often with several squads or guards or accompanying other mostly missile troops
Noble Dandies on horseback with swords and dueling pistols, often overconfidant

Other Forces
Non human troops might get involved also which could effect popular opinion. The king recruiting orcs might end up increasing the mob size. Some trained monsters are possible. As war goes on peasant troops might loot better equipment and increase morale and become regular. Townsmen with military experience might become officers for the mob and get them into shape. Revolutionaries are more willing to adopt new methods like guerrilla warfare or refuse pitched battles in open preferring forest skirmishes where armies are less effective. Monster armies might pour from dungeons as opportunists while bandits and robber knights might pretend to serve a faction just to get loot helping or hindering factions.

Encounter Types
d10 for first 24 hours opening of war
d20 for the d4 weeks after
d100 for ongoing war

d100 Revolt War Encounters
01 Bard spreading word of revolt in romantic terms encouraging all to resist tyranny
02 Rider scouting area
03 Bandits hiding in ambush for any oportunity
04 Angry peasant mob on way to join forces with others
05 Militiamen squad on patrol
06 Spy in common clothes serving a faction
07 Noble officer galloping through with message for superiors
08 Rebels watching road
09 Angry city mob with burning torches
10 Large militia force on the road unsure of which side to join

11 Swarm of angry farmers led by a charismatic hero or bard
12 Light cavalry galloping to support a battle urgently

13 Skirmishers on move looking to control a point
14 Light infantry on the march led by knight
15 Archers on the move uncertain of whose side they are on
16 Poorly equipped knights on horseback on way to lords estate
17 Merchant waggon with guards fleeing area
18 Goblins sensing chaos looking for opportunities
19 Yeomen band on the march
20 Light infantry guarding tax collector waggon
21 Crossbowmen squad set up position watching a road
22 Angry mob on way to local manour
23 Light cavalry on the march
24 Heavy Cavalry on the march
25 Light Infantry on the march
26 Heavy infantry on the march
27 Clerics holding the road
28 Foriegn mercenaies of uncertain alliegience
29 Orc mercenaries kee to comit atrocities for money
30 Bandit rebels on march leading peasant mob
31 Priest leading peasant band
32 Druid leading a barbarian warband from the wilds
33 Yeomen leading common horde  
34 Student idealists leading a city mob
35 Military supply waggon desperate to get back to own lines
36 Military waggons with light infantry guards
37 Force of slingers with women, old and youths in vengeful mood
38 Marching archers on the run to join resistance
39 Grenadiers and light infantrymen escorting waggon of gunpowder
40 Mob escorting waggon of looted artworks to stronghold
41 Light infantry captured escorting peasants to execution place
42 Several siege weapon waggons with light infantry escort
43 Bandits attacking merchant waggons
44 Rebels attacking infantry escorting noble carriage 
45 Lone battered knight fleeing a massacre
46 Knights in finery marching to the front
47 Knights in finery escorting noble to safetey
48 Foot Knights have barricaded road
49 Peasant mob have blocked road with rubble
50 Bandits have tree ready to drop on road to stop traffic
51 Peasant archers chasing some light infantry
52 Militia who have changed sides to rebellion fighting light infantry
53 Faerie folk of the woods chasing fleeing light infantry
54 Noble wizards on hill overlooking road with light infantry escorts
55 Beastmen looking for human corpses to take home to eat
56 Druid commanding forest animals to attack crossbowmen
57 Peasant priest with rebel militia marching to front
58 Crossbowmen suspending chain over waterway to stop boats
59 Peasant mob burning supply waggons and looting dead soldiers
60 Peasant mob with captured weapons and drunk
61 Cleric order squad declare any who resist heretics
62 Cleric order guarding holy relic waggons to safe church
63 Cleric order burning peasants at stake for godless rebelion
64 Noble dandies on horseback certain they can route any foe
65 Peasant mob have dug in position with trenches and sharpened stakes
66 Foreign noble leading disciplined peasants with long spears marching in formation
67 Necromancer wizard with zombie knights 
68 Heavy infantry driving conscripted peasants militia before them
69 All women peasant mob angrily marching to front
70 Peasants have overturned waggons to block road with archers
71 Alchemist noble has mined road and has crossbowmen guards hidden with fuse
72 Dandies with fancy groomed warhounds chasing peasants and laughing
73 Horde of marching peasants with noble heads on pikes
74 Resting horde with bonfire of noble and knight corpses singing and drinking
75 Fortified buildings with peasants inside surrounded by nobles with siege weapons
76 Peasants in fortified church, nobility moving cannon into position
77 Nobles with bombards shelling a town
78 Peasant mob with captured crossbowmen equiptment
79 Peasant horde fighting army and losing ground
80 Mercenary captain with squad of new model army and peasant mob
81 New Model Army in force marching
82 Musket men with light infantry holding road
83 Artillery covering road from hidden position with crossbowmen
84 Marching army with important general
85 Noble army in stockade surrounded by hordes of peasants with burning torches
86 Cavalry charging peasant fortified trenches
87 Slingers hurling fire heated clay bullets at burning fortified noble house
88 Peasant archers and crossbowmen maneuvering and trying to get advantage
89 Noble forces watching while grenadiers sneaking up on peasant barricades
90 Nobles with cannon with grapeshot in house taunting peasant mob to attack 
91 Musket Men in tower shooting peasant gang trying to batter through tower doors 
92 Archers and crossbowmen shooting each other over a body of water in stalemate
93 Musketeers pinned down peasant militia in ditch by road
94 Foreign mercenaries attacking local noble forces
95 Foreign mercenaries attacking local peasant forces
96 Several armies under command of field marshal marching
97 Thousands of men on both sides in terrible battle blasted wasteland
98 Beastmen feasting on field of corpses keen to fight any humans
99 Huge force of bandits attacking noble supply convoy
100 Hundreds of cultists with torches in hoods looking for victims for great sacrifice

d100 Wonders of War
01 Smoke from distant burning buildings
02 Corpses of peasants on roadside
03 Dead tax collector and guards
04 Dead priest, disembowelled on road
05 Refugees fleeing conflict with worldly goods
06 Refugees some wounded with nothing
07 Lost children who's parents fled
08 Fleeing wealthy with waggons overflowing with wealth planning to leave country
09 Rider warning a army or mob on the march
10 Burning house

11 Hung corpses dangling from trees
 Pit full of corpses by roadside
13 Peasants hanging a merchant
14 Slavers trying to get captives out of the area
15 Noble carriage fleeing
16 Shepherd fleeing with animals from military
17 Serfs wrecking a bridge
18 Serfs collapsing cliff to block a road
19 Noble and militia abusing serfs 
20 Knight leading light cavalry against fleeing women and children
21 Priest trying to convince peasants to cease the godless rebelion
22 Priest trying to exhort peasants to revolt against tyranny
23 Knight convincing militia to turn on villagers in revolt
24 Militia watching executioner behead captured bandits
25 Dandy nobles watching light infantry execute of peasants
26 Servant is disguise with waggon trying to get noble children out of kingdom
27 Traveling carny folk trying to flee area
28 Vutures feasting on stripped mutilated corpses
29 Ravens picking at corpses hanging in trees
30 Impaled corpses on poles
31 Remains of burnt corpses on charred steaks
32 Noble born priest and infantry preparing to burn accused witches
33 Severed heads on pikes
34 Soldiers killed shepherds and rounding up animals for army
35 Peasants mutilating and torturing nobles
36 Noble and his men chasing village wenches for sport
37 Peasant women castrating nobles who tried to rape them
38 Envoy of ruler declaring rebels to be executed unless they surrender to any who listen
39 Hear drums and horns of marching distant army
40 Young wizard apprentice Wd4 has fled master to join rebellion
41 Squad of infantry guarding a noble wizard looking for missing aprentice
42 Crossbowmen chasing peasant children escaping from waggon
43 Merchant with only a few guards tries to bribe any potential foe
44 Noble lord with savage war poodle and crossbowmen 
45 Noble lord actually demon cultist wizard with crossbowmen
46 Witches collecting blood and organs from battlefield
47 Cult summoning a demon on the road to add to mayhem
48 Nobles burning a commoners church with women and children inside
49 Cultist convincing mob to murder and torture captured royalists
50 Witches brewing poison in cauldron to befoul local water in field of corpses
51 Peasants with beautiful noble witch in cage awaiting a priest to help burn her
52 Peasants eating a horse by mutilated noble corpse
53 Peasants trying on fancy clothes from looted noble carraige
54 Wild dogs gnawing on corpses
55 Witches cooking and eating a baby by side of the road
56 Peasants burning waggon load of books 
57 Nobles putting peasant children in catapault and firing into bonfire58 Peasants have left waggon of poison brandy on roadside with dead donkey 
59 Peasants have taken a abattoir and have cages full of merchants and nobles families
60 Peasants have captured knights and have them bound and ready to behead
61 Nobleman and troops have captured turncoat militia and are holding a trial
62 Nobleman and troops have captured a bard fermenting unrest and holding a trial
63 Nobleman and militia have captured a foreign spy aiding the revolt 
64 Peasant soldiers have captured a noble spy and debating how to kill him
65 New model army training peasants into regular army in field
66 Multiple burning buildings with cheering men watching 
67 Soldiers locking peasants in barn and getting ready to set on fire
68 Peasants burning down a monastery full of records
69 Fortified town buildings heavily barricaded with paranoid villagers inside
70 Fortified manor house with starving nobles and men inside
71 Pack of starving dogs looking for food
72 Hungry kobolds trading weapons for food with peasants
73 Soldiers robbing peasants for food and presenting them with IOU from ruler 
74 Starving peasants begging for food
75 Soldiers burning haystacks
76 Peasants hanging soldiers entrails in the trees
77 Soldiers nailing flailed peasant skins to wall
78 Peasants testing exciting new decapitation machine built by engineer student
79 Doctor treating wounded by side of the road
80 Priests preying at roadside shrine for peace
81 Priests begging for money to help the poor or the ruler
82 Peasants begging weapons so they can join the rebelion
83 A war poodle with fancy haircut and collar belonging to a rich man lost from a battle
84 Camp of soldiers resting after a battle, treating wounds and getting drunk
85 Peasants roasting a nobleman's pet poodle on a spit
86 Peasants playing ball with merchants severed head
87 Peasants robbing a money lender and demanding his ledgers so they can burn them
88 Knights playing polo with peasant children, several killed already
89 Noble riders with torches setting alight peasant houses
90 Mob of horrible freed criminals robbing and killing a merchant caravan
91 Turncoat light infantry helping peasants fight knights
92 Huge prison camp stockade with hundreds of prisoners under guard
93 Knights throwing women tied to children into a well
94 Witches tormenting tied up knights
95 Drunken cavalrymen robbing a alehouse
96 See army assembled with ruler inspecting them
97 Cultists in field of corpses dedicated blood to chaos gods
98 Noble trying to stop men and orc mercenaries from fighting
99 Orcs demanding more pay from mercenaries

100 Peasants meeting foriegn agents delivering coffer of gold coins to aid the revolution

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Dragon War Zone

This is first of a new series called war zones. The idea is you can stage various invasions on your poor setting and use these tables to add new encounters and colour. Blame Chad for the idea he is often inspiration. I like feedback because it often gets me writing more.

So there will be more like this so you can every year have a horrible invasion lay waste to your campaign so you don't get to comfortable. These would probably make good little publications. Still unsure as to final format yet but this is a start. Will join my other unfinished series like Sewers, Hell, Xor, mutations etc. Future ones will include giants, sylvan, mercenaries, demons, humanoids and anything else I can think of as I go.

Basically each type introduces new encounters and spectacles of war as invasions take place. These are not necessarily the types of wars heroes can that can stop, but they might prevent some suffering or help some people. I guess you could run as a misery crawl like Patrick Stewart's dam busting disaster adventure or you could put in a  some key objectives for players to damage the invasion or even lead troops.

Encounters are types of threats roaming countryside while wonders are spectacular sights that could be avoided but could lead to fights. They include descriptions of what bad guys are up too and scenes of suffering in the war zone. Dragonmen could be treated as exotic beastmen, firenewts or dragonlance draconians whatever you please.

d10 Starting the Dragon War
1 Dragonspawn pits of Tiamat in hell have hatched a swarm of draconic monsters
2 Dragons have awakened their millennial slumbers and are in breeding frenzy
3 An evil god has awakened them all at once to purge humankind
4 A gateway to a draconic ruled world opens 
5 A draconic cult has prepared this for aeons, nursing eggs in secret places
6 Adventurers or a god offended Tiamat
7 Gods are angry at mortals for being too plentiful and noisy
8 Serpent men in last gasp chance using dragons to destroy humans
9 Lizard men found a great clutch of eggs from the dawn age and hatched them with rituals
10 A wizard tried to misuse the draconic world spirit and brought the about the apocalypse

d10 Dragon Military Objectives
1 Eat everything farm animals and humans
2 Burn Human Buildings and settlements
3 Gather loot for the alpha dragon hordes
4 Destroy shipping and merchant caravans
5 Route humans driving them to other lands
6 Gather magical treasure
7 Destroy wizard towers and libraries
8 Destroy human temples and establish a dragon cult
9 Turn land into a poison uninhabitable wasteland
10 Reduce human civilization to stone age

d10 Ending the Dragon War
1 Dragons run out of food and turn on each other
2 Demihuman armies arrive to harass dragons
3 Anti dragon artifact is discovered
4 Champions confront avatar of Tiamat sending her to hell
5 Good dragons come to aid humanity
6 Humanoids equally fearful of dragons aid humanity
7 Lords of hell offer to aid kingdom for a price
8 Dragon army move onto other kingdom once this one a ruin
9 Gods offer to aid humanity but take a price
10 Factions of the invaders turn on each other over internal fued

Cult Troops
Human cultists include reptile cultists, snake cultists and dragon cultists. Hiding in secret for generations they now walk openly helping the invaders, starting fires, preparing sacrifices, hatching monster eggs and worse. Cultists mostly are irregular rabble but some are especially well equipped and trained. Some are mutants with traits of the beings they worship. Some elites of the cult include magicians such as priests, alchemists, wizards and sorcerers. Alchemists might even have created dragons or dragonmen in apparatus before the invasion. Other magicians may have built drolems - mechanical dragon golems worshiped by cults unable to find a real dragon. Drolems are used in invasion as distractions and where dragons are short. Dragons show contempt for these cults but treat those with draconic mutations slightly better.

Cultist Rabble irregular light troops, robes and daggers, fanatic to cause in mob of 40
Cultist Mutants, disfigured with inhuman ability, swords and masks in mobs of 40
Cult Mercenaries heavily armed and armoured with dragon masks in groups of 20
Cult lesser magician d4 Lv d4 1=priest 2=wizard 3=sorcerer 4=alchemist + rabble
Cult Boss Magician 3d4 Lv d4 1=priest 2=wizard 3=sorcerer 4=alchemist + mercenaries
Drolem with group of mercenaries and rabble plus magician leaders

Reptilian Troops
Reptilians regard dragons as gods and ancestors. The have access to many monster types and move through and fight wetlands without penalty. Serpent men often act as advisors and wizards as they are too rate to field armies themselves. Some serpentmen are in fact the rulers. Vampire lizard kings prefer to fight by night and will produce zombies troops from fallen kin and enemies. They usually enter war later when lizards are more desperate. The vampires don't get along with serpent men so well. Dragons are wary of serpent men ambition but accept worship of lizard men. Dragons think lizard men and dinosaurs are backward and less evolved savages.

Muckdweller Scouts with slings or javelins or darts groups of 12-20
Savage Lizardmen with javelins and war clubs and shields groups of 40
High Lizard Men with spears and morningstars and shields groups of 40
Giant lizards with 2 riders (various specialist types) groups of four
Bonebreaker or babblers with handler each in groupps of four
Pteranodon Riders in groups of four
Giant Snapping Turtles or dinosaurs with 4 riders or handlers each
Chieftain leads band of 40 and king has 40 bodyguards and leads 100-400
Shamen are common magical leaders or Serpent Man Wizards with twelve guards each
Vampire Lizard King as normal king but with zombie lizard men troops
Some types specialize in aquatic with marine dinosaurs, crocs and snapping turtles

Troglodyte Troops
Trog Mercenaries are kin of lizard men who live underground They are effective skirmishers and dangerous close in melee enhanced by their stench. Dragons find them disgusting and they don't share camps with other troops, making their own camps down wind.
Troglodyte Sub chiefs command 40 trogs and chiefs command 200

Firenewt Troops
Firenewts are kin of lizard men but who live in volcanic regions but a cold variety could exist too living in glaciers instead with frost salamanders and spitting frost instead of fire. Dragons tend to treat them with more respect.
Firenewt warriors in groups of 40 with a sub chief or 200 with high chief
Firenewt Strider Rider Cavalry in groups of 4 or 12 or 20
Pteranodon Riders in groups of four
Salamander each with two firenewt handlers (BX ones not ADnD ones)

Kobold Troops
Kobolds worship dragons and are devious skirmishers and relentless irregular swarmers. They also are easily air dropped in by dragons and also able att siegecraft and construction. They use magic more than lizard men but dislike serpent men wizards who like to eat them.  Dragons are a bit disdainful of them and act like kobolds are beneath them. But they don't mind kobolds grooming them. Kobolds serving dragons are fanatics.

Kobold scouts with slings or javelins or darts in groups of 20
Kobold archers with shortbows in groups of 40
Kobold dog riders in groups of 40
Kobold warriors with machetes, spears and shields in groups of 400
Kobold comand units include sub-chieftains (100) chieftains (400) kings (1000)
Kobold magic units include shamen or wizards with 40 guards each

Draconic Troops
Dragonmen or draconians come in various varieties related to the chromatic evil dragon types. They are kin of dragons but treated like kin albeit like bratty children. They are technologically more advanced than most humanoids and live in a warrior aristocracy. They are less magical but their knights act as their prize troops. Dragonmen are elite, cruel and arrogant. Outside a dragon invasion they are rare mostly sleep for aeons. They are created by dragons who spawn them when faster humanoid elite troops needed. They worship and obey dragons but might think they know best and act independently.

Dragonmen Warriors in bands of 40 led by a chief
Wyvern Rider Dragonmen Knights in groups of four who focus on enemy elites

Encounter Types
d10 for first 24 hours opening of war
d20 for the d4 days after
d100 for ongoing war

d100 Dragon War Encounters
01 Very Young baby dragon waddling about angry and hungry
02 Giant lizard HD3+1 1in6 ridden by lizard men
03 Swarm of poison snakes poison HD1 2d4 dropped on roads
04 Constrictor snake HD2 drops from trees
05 Gang of overly brave kobold scouts 3d4 sure they are on unbeatable side
06 Crocodile HD3 in pond or stream or pond or moving between them
07 Fire Drake HD4 scouting and starting fires
08 Cultists serving dragons or snake men or lizard men 2d6
09 Muckdweller scouts HDd4 5d4 use slings to harass travellers
 Pteranodon HD3+3 with d3 kobold observers
11 Kobold warband 5d4 out to grab loot
12 Very Young Baby dragons d4 hungry but wary of danger

13 Lizard Men HD2+1 War Band 3d4 looking for food for dragons
14 Dragon Men Skirmishers d4 challenge human heroes to single combat
15 Amphisbaena HD6 d3 rolling down road in hoop shape
16 Giant Constrictor snake HD6+1 d3 hanging from trees
17 Giant Poisonous Snake HD4+2 d6 blocking trails 
18 Giant Spiting Snake HD4+2 d3 blocking roads
19 Giant Gekko HD 3+1 d10 cling and camouflage often in trees or rocks
20 Draco Lizard 4+2 d8 glider membrane drop by surprise on prey from above
21 Horned Chameleon HD5 d8 hiding in terrain for ambush
22 Tuatara HD6 d4 ridden by lizard men raiding villages

23 Fire Snake HD2 d6 blocking roads and sneaking into forges and fireplaces
24 Young Dragon hungry but wont take undue risks 
25 Bone Snapper HD4 d3 often with d4 lizard men handlers
26 Fire Newts Infantry HD2+2 3d4
27 Firenewts HD2+2 riding striders HD2 
28 Ophidians HD 4 3d4 out looking for food for dinosaurs
29 Giant Poisonous Snakes HD4+2 d6
30 Huge Crocodile HD7 in water or moving in between
31 Troglodyte Scouts HD2 3d4 skirmishind and raiding
32 Salamander (fire or frost) attacking travellers and villagers
33 A angry wyvern HD7+7 looking for food
34 Hydra five headed with d4 lizard men guardians
35 Sub adult dragon scouting for army
36 Babbler HD6 d4 with a d4 lizard men handlers
37 Ice Lizard HD3+3 scouting but will attack travellers
38 Hydra six headed hungry and traveling roads to farms and villages
39 Were cobra HD5+2 shapeshifting spy
40 Wood Drake HD4 d4 patroling between woodlands
41 Cold Drake HD5 d4 from the mountains looking for victims
42 Elemental Drake HD6 d4 scouting for army
43 Boalisk HD5+1 d3 blocking roads
44 Young Adult Dragon scouting for army wary of threats
45 Man Drakes HD3 d6 in human form spying for draconic army
46 Wyverns HD7+7 d6 looking for humans to menace
47 Hydra seven headed roaming area eating everything
48 Adult Dragon confident and hungry
49 Pteranodon Squadron HD3+3 2d4 with lizard men riders
50 Basilisk HD6+1 blocking a road and polluting area with venom
51 Cockatrice HD5 blocking a road and polluting area with venom
52 Giant Snapping Turtle HD10 moving between water 1in6 with 4 lizard men on back 
53 Minotaur Lizard HD8 d8 1in6 riden by lizard men
54 Subterranean Lizard HD 5 d6 1in6 ridden by lizard men
55 Dimetrodon HD5 d6 hungrilly roaming from swamp
56 Giant Pteradactyl HD10 carrying dragon man knight or dozen kobolds
57 Behir HD12 sneaking around looking for victims to torment
58 Hydra eight headed rampaging across countryside hungrily eating anything
59 Adult dragon ridden by serpent man wizard
60 Deinonychus HD 4+1 d6 pack of savage hunters
61 Medusa sent to kill as many humans as possible
62 Old Dragon confidant and hungry
63 Cultists fighting force collaborating with invasion, often mutated with reptile features
63 Spirit Naga with 2d4 lizard men guards
64 Hydra nine headed rampaging horror
65 Young Dragons D4 with dragonmen riders
66 Dracolisk HD7+3 blocking roads of traffic
67 Triceratops HD 16 with d4 lizard men riders
68 Stegasaurus HD18 with d4 lizard men riders
69 Megalasaurus HD12 with d4 lizard men troops
70 Gorgasaurus HD13 with d4 lizard men troops
71 Ceratasaurus HD8 with d4 lizard men troops
72 Sea Serpent HD 8-10 squirming between water ways
73 Fire Lizards HD10 d4 ridden by firenewts
74 Were lizard HD8+2 shapeshifting spy
 Were snake constrictor HD7+3 shapeshifting spy
76 Wyvern ridden by d3 lizard men or a dragonman knight
77 Kobold army HDd4 100 + chief and guards and kobold wizard Lv4
78 Lizard King HD8 with 40 lizard men troopers
79 Lamia (snake) HD9 with 2d6 lizard men servants
80 Lamia Noble HD10+1 with 2d6 ophidian servant 
81 Werecobra assasins team of 6 looking for human leaders to eliminate
82 Serpantman wizard HD12 with 40 lizard men troops
83 Dragonmen HD2 x40 with hero leader HD6+6 
84 Lizard King Vampire HD12 and lizard men guards 40 by day they carry him in coffin 
85 Very old dragon with dragonman knight
86 Very old dragon with 20 dragonmen troops
87 Very Old dragon mated pair
88 Hydra eight headed with 20 firenewt troops
89 Hydra ten headed with frost breath (hydrax)
90 Hydra ten headed with fire breath (pyrohydra)
91 Tyrannosaurus Rex HD18 with 3d4 lizard men guardians
92 Hydra 12 headed regenerating firebreathing hydra
93 Ancient dragon with a hundred dragonmen searching for human forces
94 Pair of mated ancient ancient dragons leaders of dragon kind
95 Ancient Dragon ith dragonman knight hero
96 Great Elder Wyrm HD18 draconic elder unseen since the dawn age 
97 Drolem HD20 dragon golem made by dragon wizard cult to distract humans
98 Reptilian Gargantua 50HD god like fire breathing reptilian god lays waste to buildings
99 Tarrasque 300hp awoken by draconic cult rampaging across land
100 Tiamat Avatar 666hp often flies by razing area with breath weapons off to a battle

d100 Wonders of War 
01 Psuedo dragon comes to warn and advise humans of threat
02 Burning cattle in panicked stampede
03 Burnt fields or grass
04 Cloud of smoke seen in distance
05 Ash rains from sky
06 Foul odour of sulphur 
07 Winged creatures seen flying in distance
08 Kobold scouts attacking commoners
09 Kobold scouts setting fire to fields or farmhouse
10 Muckdwellers chasing farm animals or farmer

11 Burning fields or grasslands
12 Burning houses

13 Burned corpses of farmers or animals on road
14 Gassed corpses of farmers or animals on road
15 Fleeing farmers on foot hysterical
16 Fleeing farmers with waggons
17 Fleeing farmers with livestock
18 Orphan children covered in soot
19 Orphan crying with pathetic ragdoll
20 Wounded militia deserting and dumping equiptment
21 Fresh militia looking scared marching to front
22 Knights galloping to the front
23 Dead knight on panicked horse
24 Badly burned soldiers fleeing the front
25 Kobolds eating burned human corpses 
26 Giant lizards eating dead horses
27 Dragon landing in a field dropping off kobolds then flying away
28 Lizard men climbing out of a well
29 Dragon swoops on military waggons setting lot on blaze
30 Hundreds of charred soldier corpses with melted weapons and armour
31 Huge blazing forest fire
32 Burning village
33 Marching human army 
34 Area swarming with muck dwellers
35 Area swarming with kobolds
36 Army of kobolds marching
37 Army of lizardmen
38 Giant lizards crawling on road
39 Hear distant roaring and rampaging 
40 Dinosaurs destroying buildings
41 Pterodactyls flying overhead screeching
42 Wyverns flying overhead silently
43 Drakes flying overhead dropping fire on roofs and trees
44 Dragon setting fire to haystacks
45 Huge serpent swallowing person
46 Pteranodon flying overhead with lizard man throwing snakes from its back
47 Peasant trying to fight a giant snake to save family
48 Peasants beating a kobold with farm tools 
49 Soldiers with dragonman in waggon heading urgently away from front
50 Wyvern fighting a knight 
51 Wyvern menacing a fair maiden
52 Hydra fighting soldiers
53 People trying to cross river being attacked by crocodiles
54 Flood of water caused by dragons freezing river upstream
55 Wild animals of many species fleeing dragons hunger
56 Dragon in a field snacking on cows
57 Serpentman barking orders to lizard men to search area
58 Striders and firenewts chasing horse rider  
59 Salamanders cavorting in burning church 
60 Wizard fighting with dragon in distance
61 Fire rains from sky
62 Hundreds of dragons fly across the sky
63 Stampeding dinosaurs rampage across area
64 Dragonmen crucifying victims
65 Dragonmen herding human civilians to hungry dragons on snack break
66 Lizardmen herding bound prisoners deeper into draconic held lands
67 Wyverns busy mating while dragonmen riders get annoyed 
68 Troglodytes tormenting prisoners in cages with their stench
69 Human bandits skirmishing with lizardmen defending fleeing peasants
70 Wyverns dropping rocks on fortified building
71 Burning knight on horseback fleeing towards water
72 Serpantman and lizard king arguing in front of troops
73 Lizardmen pulling coffin from prehuman crypt with chanting shamen nearby
74 Kobolds feeding fire in burning buildings with incendiary fluid 
75 Human dragon cultists repairing a broken drolem
76 Human serpent cultists listening to stirring speech of a serpentman
77 Lizard cultists healing wounded giant reptile
78 Snake cultists in wagon throwing venemous snakes behind them
79 Broken stone statues of fleeing soldiers and peasants
80 Dinosaur fighting a giant crocodile over a frightened family in ruin
81 Paladin on horse heading to front asks for directions to battle
82 Priest leading villagers in prayer, ground shaking from something coming
83 Sobbing woman with huddling children crying over dead family members
84 Cultists exhorting villager prisoners to join them or be sacrificed to dragons hunger
85 Lamia leading trail of huge snakes and cultists towards houses
86 Cultists have prepared great wicker dragon full of prisoners ready to burn
87 Zombie humans being herded by reptile man shaman in service to his vampire king
88 Archers fighting a dragon, trying to hold morale
89 Wyvern fighting a hill giant
90 Crack opens in earth releasing foul odours
91 Couatl come to warn and help humans evacuate
92 Faerie Dragon come to help faerie and possibly humankind
93 Gargantuan lizard beast destroying a castle or bridge
94 Burning settlement being trampled by tarrasque
95 Earthquake shakes land
96 Volcanic eruption in distance spewing out dragons from hell
97 Huge plume of smoke and fire from distant city
98 Kobolds rendering dead villagers in cauldrons into fat intended to be used in siege
99 Catapults and ballistas on burning waggons surrounded by charred human soldiers
100 Tiamat leading dragons towards city in formation

Friday, 17 November 2017

d100 Secrets of the Murder Hobos

Old piss stained murder hobos, washed up adventurers, drunken former heroes fill the gutters and sly grog shops of Shadelport. These toothless old men might be worth hiring to come along but many will betray you, kill you, rob you, eat you or worse. But plenty more are too brain damaged old and crippled or drunk to do anyone mischief. But they might know a secret or two. Some know where old dungeons lay hidden, where treasure is buried, tricks for dealing with monsters and all kinds of things. Some might be lies just for enough money for a beer or a hit of lotus dust. Under my index you will see lots of old murder hobo tables. Possibly a compilation of them might be worth a go.

Suggested by
Nova Scotia Dream in last post comment box.

d10 What does the drunken old murder hobo want?
01 Enough money for a beer
02 Enough money to stay drunk for a month

03 Lotus resin or some other adictive drug
04 A job in service to adventurers or a household
05 To come with adventurers as a follower for a adventure
06 A night with a prostitute
07 A bath and a hot meal
08 Armour and a weapon and a few beers
09 A suckling roast piglet and a jar of grog
10 To be taken on a last adventure to die fighting

d100 Quick Secrets Types
01 Buried Caches - hidden loot left by adventurers
02 Explored dungeons - possibly repopulated or good for beginners
03 Active dungeons - found but marked for later, untouched by adventurers
04 Monster Lairs - possible treasure guarded by some rare beast
05 Tomb location - possible riches and death await
06 Underworld Entries - great cavern complexes into the hidden lands of the deep
07 Esoteric Lore - strange information that might come in handy
08 Secret Locations - secret paths and passages
09 Magic Secrets - formula and recipies and spells
 Forbidden Secrets - terrible lore humans were not meant to know

d100 Secrets of the Murder Hobos

01 Map to chests of copper coins left by party who couldn't carry them
02 Map to stockpile of adventuring supplies in buried waggons

03 Map to abandoned silver mine with silver left and some monsters
04 Map to treasure pile adventurers left behind when chased away by humanoid tribes
05 Map to adventurer treasure ship sunk on a reef off the coast
06 Map where adventurers hid a stolen army payroll years ago, surely long forgotten
07 Map to where adventurers left loot from dungeon when baggage handlers fled
08 Map to hoard of pirate treasure stolen from a pirate captain who disappeared 
09 Map to ruined house in haunted woods where wounded adventurers hid loot on the run
10 Map to Dwarven dungeon treasure house but swarming with undead

11 Map of dungeon cleared out decades ago but now inhabited by new monsters
12 Map of dungeon left half cleared out when most of party died on last expedition

13 Map of dungeon mostly cleared out but famous hidden treasure never found
14 Map of dungeon rumoured to be cleared out every decade hidden near city
15 Map of dungeon party was exploring but others all killed by a cult
16 Map of dungeon where alchemists made potions in secret full of loot
17 Map of dungeon with a sleeping cursed princess in a crystal coffin 
18 Map of secret dungeon in sewers beneath city made as secret treasure house
19 Map of dungeon concealed in riverbank by mud but once active
20 Map of dungeon the rest of party took over and became boss monsters
21 Map of secret kobold dungeon they have been expanding for decades  
22 Map of reptilian dungeon where degenerate albino reptile men savages lurk 
23 Map of of old dungeon used by generations of bandits with stockpile of merchant loot
24 Map of dungeon entrance hidden by cult trying to repair ancient artifact
25 Map of hidden dungeon where a goblin kings minions dig for gems
26 Map of secret village of ogres reputed to be guarding great piles of gold
27 Map of a ancient orc factory where wizards used to make them from mud
28 Map of secret cult temple filled with wealth but now occupied by beastmen
29 Map of sorcerer pleasure sect where decadent cult keep slaves and drugs
30 Map of forbidden necromancy school where evil wizards learn wicked magic
31 Map of a hidden dragon lair in mountains where beast hibernates for centuries
32 Map of cave of a ogre magi and his goblin minions guarding ancient scrolls
33 Map of a cave where hill giants dwell in mountains with gold and sheep
34 Map of seaside cliff cave hidden by tides, lair of fishmen and their blasphemous gold
35 Map of werewolf lair that has for generations been robbing, killing and kidnapping
36 Map to hidden dark elf tree house where they spy on and cruelly prank humans
37 Map to ruins where a clan of doppelgangers have been plotting against humanity 
38 Map to riverside lair of a great magical serpent who guards a golden horde 
39 Map to lair of cultists who robbed a reliquary of holy treasure the church will pay for
40 Map to lair of troglodytes who have been worshiping a bejewelled reptile statue
41 Map to a prehuman crypt of a catfish man wizard guarded by undead and traps
42 Map to a earthen mound tomb of a ancient wizard famed as a maker of magic items 
43 Map to tomb of king who fought ancient evils entombed with his magic weapons 
44 Map to buried mausoleum of a necromancer king sealed since the fall of their empire
45 Map to crumbled pyramid tomb in forest where serpent man kings were buried long ago
46 Map to valley of crumbling cliff tombs may untouched and sealed with intact magic traps
47 Map to hidden cave tomb of of a barbarian chieftain famed for thier gold and chariots 
48 Map to a hidden tomb of the vampire bat priestesses of a bloody prehuman cult  
49 Map to tomb of a cruel wizard lord who once terrorised region before his burial
50 Map to great island crypt of a pirate captain who plundered many exotic lands 
51 Map to a cave entrance to a hidden dark elf citadel of the deep 
52 Map to a lost underground kingdom with strange magic and treasure
53 Map to a cavern with a ruined citadel swallowed up into the earth by the gods 
54 Map of a cave where a barbarian hoarde kept their loot until a dragon took it
55 Map of a great underground vault where albino degenerates worship a demon
56 Map of a great sulphur cave some say is a entrance to hell
57 Map of great volcanic cave with ruins of a ancient pre human temple 
58 Map of a cave complex where great lizards guard ancient stone sarcophogi
59 Map of a pyrites cave where a ancient dynasty fled with their gold
60 Map of a great sinkhole that plunges int the depths lined with fossils of great beasts
61 Knows common trade phrases of secret common language of the fish people
62 Recipie for waterproofing oil that protects spellbooks and from water damage 
63 Knows recipe for delicious wine from berries most think are inedible or poison
64 Knows how to make delicious seasoning from fermented seagull guts
65 Knows a secret word to calm donkeys and mules when they are scared
66 Formula for preserving corpses used in ancient burials and forgotten
67 Knows a special punch that gives +2 barehanded attack on dragon for a proficiency slot
68 Knows a secret technique to make a slingstone fly further for a proficiency slot
69 Knows how to make a scent that wolves and dire wolves hate to throw of trackers
70 Knows a secret call to summon common cave bats at night
71 Location of the yearly local goblin market
72 Knows where fishmen meet on the reef to conduct blasphemous rites
73 Secret entrance to one of the cities great libraries
74 Magic passwords through door in the mountain but nobody ever returned
75 Knows location of building where saucy parchments are copied from ancient originals
76 Secret route through the mountains to series of demi human and humanoid valleys
77 Secret location of great underground highway system built by dwarfs to cross mountains
78 Secret tunnels that lead from mountains to distant islands made by druids long ago
79 Location of a secret entrance of a secret school of forbidden wizardry 
80 Secret way into the city dungeon complex long forgotten by secret police even
81 Cliff location where primal wizards wrote long lost spells on walls
82 Formula for lotus resin that with extra ingredients makes addictive clairvoyance potions
83 Knows location of a rare herb that can restore memory of a 1st lv spell
84 Knows location of a magical pool with strange inconsistent effects
85 Knows a secret massage technique that dragons really like and could save your life
86 Knows location of a sphinx that knows spells forgotten before humans even existed
87 Knows erotic technique that can restore forgotten cantrips with a hour long sexual ritual 
88 Has rare spell book pages has been using as a handkerchief
89 Knows a recipe for invisible ink used by the secret police
90 Formula of ingredients of a potion using rare monster body parts for ingredients
91 True name and summoning ritual of a demon prince and instructions for protective sigils
92 Location of a forbidden book of necromancy lost long ago
93 Knows a recipe to heal zombies using human brains, blood and lotus dust 
94 Knows location of a imp in a bottle that if freed will serve opener for a time as slave
95 Knows recipe for demon blood wine that gives visions of the abyss that cults crave
96 Knows where a bubbling pool of chaos can be found that causes mutations
97 Knows of a cave in the mountains full of living edible meat, all you can eat
98 Knows location of portal and how to activate it but not where it goes
99 Knows where devil gems are found that cause any who touch them to lust after them
100 Knows whereabouts of several prostitutes actually otherworldly disguised beings